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What To Expect

When you arrive at Infinity Cryo for your first appointment, we will talk to you about your expectations and answer your questions in relation to our dual chamber cryotherapy machine. You can then get ready for your session in our changing rooms, when you're ready you will go into the cryotherapy room where a staff member will talk you through the treatment.

You will then be invited to go into the prechamber (-60C) where your body will start to adjust to the drop in temperature. After 30 seconds, you will be asked to move into the main chamber where the temperature will be at -120C for 3 minutes. There is music within the chamber so you can request something that will help you through the session.

While in the chamber you will be constantly monitored through a window and you can leave at any stage. Our staff can speak to you and will encourage you to move at all times during the session. When your time is up, you will exit the chamber and your body will start to return to a normal temperature range.

Recommended dress code

As results are achieved by cooling the skin, it is recommended that you show as much skin as you are comfortable with. Whatever you choose to wear it MUST BE COMPLETELY DRY.

Men: gym/swim shorts, knee high socks and a woolly hat

Ladies: sports bra (no wire), gym shorts/swim wear, knee high socks and a woolly hat.

You will be provided with the recommended safety wear;

Clogs with rubber soles or alternatively you can wear your own rubber soled runners.

Gloves to protect your fingers.
A face mask will also be provided to protect your airways.


You must be completely dry before entering the chamber.

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